In June 2017, the FACTORY was founded in Tokiwadai, Itabashi-Ku, renamed from the previous climbing gym “NUTS” with a new owner, a complete renovation of the interior, and new climbing routes.
The staff come from experienced backgrounds and our prioritization in safety makes the FACTORY a great environment for beginners and new climbers.



Despite its small size, there are about 100 routes as well as 6 different wall angles ranging from 85º to 155º, accommodating climbers of all levels.
the FACTORY is a bouldering specialized gym that also manufactures and sells climbing holds under the name “Sunday Climbing Industry”




Daisuke Hayashi

OWNER – Daisuke Hayashi
CEO of the FACTORY / Sunday Climbing Industry
Born in Itabashi-Ku, Tokyo in 1979
I started “the FACTORY” in Tokiwadai, Itabashi-Ku in 2017.
I would like to contribute to the local community and the climbing world by spreading “the joys of challenging”.
Also as a climber, I would love to grow together with you all.


Daichi Miyake

STAFF – Daichi Miyake
Available: Mondays, Tuesdays, and Saturdays
Birthplace: Itabashi-Ku, Tokyo
Years of Experience: climbing since 2016
I am a coach for the Kids’ Climbing School here on Saturdays.
Instead of just teaching, I would like to think together with the children to grow alongside them.
My motto is “have fun climbing”.



STAFF: Atsuhi Koganezawa (Kogane)
Working days: Sundays and sometimes Fridays
Hobbies: Painting/Drawing and drinking and making coffee.
Favorite rock face type: slab
I hope I can be supportive of your climbing journey. Thanks!





Access by bus from nearby train stations
Postcode: 174-0071
1 Chome-36-14 Tokiwadai, Itabashi Ward, Tokyo.


10-minute walk from the North Exit of Tokiwadai Station on the Tobu Tojo Line
12-minute walk from Naka-Itabashi Station North Exit
15-minute walk from Toei Mita Line/ Exit A4 of Itabashi-Honcho Station


■ Access from the nearest station – Tokiwadai Station.
1. Exit the North ticket gate of Tokiwadai Station
2. Once you have exited the ticket gate, proceed to your right. Go straight past the Mitsui Sumitomo Bank on your right.
3. Keep going straight while passing by an elementary school, a library, and a park on your right.
4. When you have come to a large intersection with a traffic light, turn right at the intersection.
5. When you have turned right, keep going straight until you see a greengrocer to your right, the factory is right next to this greengrocer with a large mural and a signboard that says “the FACTORY”.
■ Access by bus from some nearby train stations
– From Oji Station (Take the bus from Platform 6 / Kokusai Kogyo Bus 王54 / towards Kami-itabashi) to Fujimidai Elementary School (which takes approx. 15 minutes, and ‘the Factory’ is about 3 minutes walk from Fujimidai Elementary School bus stop)


– From Shinjuku Station (Take the bus from the West Exit No. 8 Bus Stop / Toei Bus 23 Ward / 王78 / For Oji Station) Get off at Naka-Itabashi Station Entrance (Ride time approx. 20 minutes / And ‘the Factory’ should be about 8 minutes walk from Naka-Itabashi Station Entrance Bus Stop)





First, you will need to complete the membership registration.
If you print out the registration form in advance and bring it with you, the procedure will be smoother.
Please download the form by clicking here.


Various payment methods have been made available as of 2019-06-21 in order to pay for memberships and other products.
■ Accepted Credit cards
VISA / mastercard / JCB /UnionPay/ AMERICAN EXPRESS / Diners Club / DISCOVER
■Prepaid IC cards
Suica / PASMO / Kitaca / TOICA / manaca / ICOCA / SUGOCA / nimoca / Hayakaken
■Electronic payment methods
Apple Pay / iD / QUICPay /LINEPay / PayPay /WeChatPay(微信支付) / auPAY / d払い / Alipay支付


About Bouldering



Bouldering is a free-climbing style where you climb “boulders” (rocks, stones) using only climbing shoes and some non-slip chalk.
Bouldering is growing in popularity due to its accessibility. It requires little gear and is easy to incorporate into your daily workout routine. The casual nature also fits many people’s lifestyles.
In recent years, indoor/comp style bouldering has sparked worldwide interest, with many Japanese athletes leaving remarkable results in major competitions like the World Cups and World Championships.



(For those who wish for instructions in English, please make a prior reservation through E-mail.)


For inexperienced boulderers and beginners, we will provide you with an introduction and a safety guide so you can enjoy bouldering without getting injured. Even if you don’t know how to climb, don’t worry, we will explain the rules and precautions first.


In addition, for those who are just starting bouldering or are beginners, we are always preparing routes (courses) and events that will support your growth. For more information, please check out the NEWS and our social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter).



First visit ~ instruction
(For those who have no experience in bouldering)
When you visit the store for the first time, we have instructions and safety guides such as precautions and how to fall safely, so you can enjoy bouldering without injury.


What to bring: Clothes that are easy to move in and don’t mind getting dirty. Please bring socks to wear if you are using rental shoes. Having long nails may lead to injury so we would recommend cutting them beforehand.


1. Registration
First time visitors, please register as a member at the reception.
The initial fee will include the registration fee, usage fee, and rental shoe fee.
Any visit after, you will only need to pay for the usage fee and rental shoe fee.




2. Change of clothes/getting appropriately sized rental shoes
For those who bring an extra change of clothes, we have separate changing rooms for men and women.
Change into clothes that are easy to move in and don’t mind getting dirty.
When you are ready, your instructor will explain how to choose rental shoes that match your size.
Since you will be using small footholds, you should expect your shoes to be tight fitting.




3. Orientation
Our experienced staff will go through some precautions while bouldering such as how to land safely as well as the rules within the gym, so you can safely enjoy bouldering even when you are alone.




4. After your orientation let’s begin climbing!
Our instructors will help you out if you cannot find the next hold (footholds or handholds), have difficulty climbing a problem, or get stuck.
If you are having any trouble or if you have any questions, please feel free to ask our instructors even after the orientation is over.




for KIDS


The Kids Room has been renewed and has now reopened on October 15, 2021 (Friday)!
All the walls are new and are now wider than ever!
■ Guidelines for children
the FACTORY has a kids-only wall on the 2nd floor.
The wall is made for traverse routes that require you to move along the wall, so even small children can challenge bouldering without having to be scared
of heights.
* An instructor will not constantly be present at the kid’s wall.
When using the Kid’s Wall, please be sure to have a parent or guardian who has experience in bouldering accompanying the child, and be sure to assist the children on safe practices and safe landings in order to prevent injury.



■ Regarding the use for those under the age of 13.
・ Those who are under the age of 13 are only permitted to use the service until 6:30 pm.
・ Those who are under the age of 13 are generally only permitted to use the kids’ room
(with exceptions).
・ For those who are under the age of 13 the following “Parent-Child Experience Pack”
will be used only for the very first time at the gym.


■ Parent-Child Experience pack
1-hour ¥ 2,800 (no reservation required and Initial registration fee and rental shoes are included.)


* The price is for 1 parent/guardian + 1 child, for a total of 2 people.
* One more person (parent/guardian or child) can be added for another 1,200 yen.
* For the second and subsequent uses, we require you to be accompanied by a guardian who is a registered member of the climbing gym. In this case, parents aren’t required to use the facility, but we ask for you to supervise your children for safety.


■ Regarding the use for junior high school students
・ Junior high school students will need to be accompanied by a guardian only for the first time.
・ When using the gym in a group, you will need to be accompanied by one guardian per group.



Kids School/Lessons
(Every weekend from 10:30-11:30)TheFACTORY holds classes every Saturday and Sunday for children aged 4-12. The class requires a reservation in order to attend with a maximum of 10 people per lesson.
Please make a reservation by e-mail (
Reservations are accepted until 22:00 the day before.
Please note that if reservations are made after 22:00 of the previous day or on the day of the event, we may not be able to accept your reservation.


Date and time
Every Saturday / Sunday 10:30 – 11:30
* 30mins before and after the lesson can be used for warm-up or to review what you have learnt.


Who it is for
Kids of ages up to 13 years who has used the FACTORY for the second time or more.


2,000 yen per lesson (rental shoe fee not included)
* Payments can be made at the time of reservation or on the day.
Up to 10 people.


Notice for Parents/Guardians
Unlike the usual procedures here at the gym, during the lessons, parents and guardians do not need to be present.
You do not need to be accompanied by a guardian for the duration, but if you are picking your child up, please do so by 12:00 pm.
If you are using the facility after 12:00 pm, a separate usage fee and the supervision of aparent/guardian is required.

Kids Wall Day
(Please let us know in advance if you would like instructions in English)
The FACTORY offers a place every Monday to learn bouldering in a different way than the “kids’ schools” for those who are under the age of 13.
For more information, please see below.


Date and Time
Every Monday from 16:00 to 17:00
* You are free to come and go within these times. You can also use the gym after 17:00.


Those who are eligible
Children those who are under the age of 13 after the second use of the facilities at the FACTORY


Free (However, the facility fee and rental shoe fee will be charged.)


For parents
A member of staff will be stationed in the kids room within the above hours, so there is no need for parents/guardians to be accompanying the children.
No reservation required




Options for corporations, clubs, or groups
(Please let us know in advance if you would like instructions in English)


Groups may rent out the entire facility from 10-13:30pm on weekdays.
Please use it for club activities, company recreation events, small competitions, etc.
You will be supervised by an instructor, so it can also be used as a routine bouldering lesson.


Weekdays from 10 am to 13:30 pm! Charter plan for up to 3.5 hours
Only for a fee of 25,000 yen! (Rental fee included)
Includes one instructor.


Group charter plan usage examples


For lessons
The lessons can be attended by as little as one person. Therefore, it can be used for small group lessons or as a private lesson.


For recreation
You may also use the space for recreation or to create a place to interact with co-workers and friends. If you are new to bouldering or are inexperienced, please be assured that the instructor will go through the bouldering orientation.


For small competitions
It can also be used for events such as small competitions or for competitions for up to 15 people.


Other uses
Please feel free to contact us if you have any requests.
* This charter plan is not applicable for commercial purposes such as TV and holding paid seminars. There is a separate plan for those who wish to use it for commercial purposes, so please contact us by e-mail.


A time schedule example
(When using the plan for a lesson)


* This is an example. The content varies depending on the number of people and the
purpose of use.
10: 00 – Admission, paperwork, paying fees, changing clothes and renting shoes
10: 30 – Warm-up exercises, Orientation (for those who are inexperienced)
11: 00 – Lesson (about 90 minutes)
12: 30 – Free time to review and practice
13: 00 – Change clothes, preparation, etc.
~ 13:30 Finish/Exit gym


Group charter plan details
Date and time
Weekdays 10:00 – 13:30
* Includes time of entry to exit


¥ 25,000 (tax included) Rental fee included
Group membership registration fee ¥ 1,000 for the first time only


Lessons, recreation, competitions and other events


Please contact us by E-mail.


平日 14:00 – 23:00
土日祝 12:00 – 22:00